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Corrective Chiropractic Care from our Chiropractors in West Pearland & East Pearland

As you age, your body begins to move differently due to degeneration of the bones, muscle weakness, or injury. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the resulting effects and allow your body to maintain range of motion and flexibility without pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care takes into consideration many different aspects of your health and works to create therapy plans that keep your body strong and mobile. A chiropractor has special training when it comes to keeping the body in alignment so that pain and discomfort are minimized.

What Is A Motion Study X-ray?

One of the ways our chiropractors can evaluate the health of your spine and the rest of your skeletal structure is through the use of a “motion study x-ray”. This type of x-ray consists of a series of x-ray pictures that are taken while your body is in motion. Approximately 30 pictures are taken each section and show our chiropractors what bones are moving as they should and what ones are not.

How Does A Motion Study X-ray Help With Spinal Corrections?

Along with specific spinal adjustments, exercising with weight on the head helps correct the cervical curve.

Once the motion study x-ray shows our chiropractors where the affected bones are, they can perform spinal corrections that help restore proper movement. As the bones begin to regain their mobility, the recovery process will begin to speed up. Spinal corrections minimize inflammation and provide pain relief to areas of the body that have been affected by the immobility of the spinal column. Regular spinal corrections reduce the pressure on your musculoskeletal system and the nerves that travel through your body relieving pain and allowing you to resume your regular activities.

How Do Spinal Corrections Work?

Spinal corrections are performed by releasing the tension around your bones, allowing them to return to their original position and giving them the freedom to function normally. Our chiropractors use adjustments to make small corrections to your spinal column, bringing your body back into balance. When your body is in proper balance, inflammation and pain are not a problem. It’s when your body is overworked or stressed that pressure and inflammation begin to take over. Regular spinal corrections help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your body.

At Elite Family Chiropractic, we use motion study x-rays to accurately diagnose and treat degenerative health conditions and inflammation that affect your spine. By using adjustments to perform small spinal corrections, we can help restore proper form and function to the spinal column keeping pain and discomfort to a minimum.


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